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Accurate CMA Nationwide coverage: Our home value estimates are based on sales comparables and assessor data. They are very accurate and used by lenders.

Detailed Report: Sales comparables, owner’s mortgage data, flood plain info, details on main address and sales comps, tax comparables (tells user if how property taxes compare to neighbor’s with similar homes), assessor report (like an appraisal, it adjusts sales comps for sqft, lot size, beds, baths etc and the average of the adjusted values will equal estimates value).

Instant Report: Takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes!

Low Cost: Costs $4/report, payable by credit card.

Nationwide Coverage: We cover 95% of addresses in the US.

Market Adjustment: User can manually customize the report by making a “Market Adjustment” to our estimates to reflect extraordinary home improvements or deterioration in value.

Picture Downloads: User can download 10 pics of the main address and 1 each for the sales comparables in the report. The sales comparable addresses are provided by Homestat and their pictures are available on public websites as they are recently sold through the MLS system.

Expert Narrative: Homestat allows the user to manually type their expert narrative and it appears on cover page of the report. The narrative includes comments about the property usually after a physical visit and justifies the market valuation.